The inspiration behind this project dates back to July 2019 when I travelled to New York to visit a factory where Credit Cards are being produced and shipped out to people all over the world.

After touring the facilities, I noticed in their boardroom that they had these large replicas of some major credit cards. They looked dope as fuck! All I could think to myself, was that I wanted one of the STACK card.

(I would never get one though)

2019 07 15 🇺🇸 Somerset, NJ | Metal Card Sample

Months later, I started prepping for the company holiday party and an idea sparked! 💡

I wanted giant STACK Cards to be props for my Photo Booth.

So the first version of the giant STACK cards was a simple foam board print out, I made at my local print shop with my guy, Raymond.

They turned out fire 🔥😍. They were great props for the photo booth and dope display pieces just chilling around the office now.

I've had some ideas of how I can improve it since..

2019 12 12 🇨🇦 Toronto, ON | STACKMAS, holding V1 Giant Cards in my photobooth

the objective

Create large replica STACK Cards utilizing different vinyl textures constructed on a piece of foam board.

Materials Used:

  • Foam Board
  • Specialty Vinyls
  • Black Brushed Metallic (Card BG)
  • Silver Brushed Metallic (Text, Symbols, Logos)
  • Blue Shimmer Metallic (Card BG)
  • Red Shimmer Metallic (Card BG)
  • Light Blue Sparkle (Card BG)
  • Dark Blue Sparkle (Card BG)
  • Holographic Silver (Chip Fill, Symbols, Logos)
  • Regular Vinyls
  • White (Text, Symbols, Logos)
  • Black (Text, Symbols, Logos)
  • Red (MC Logo)
  • Orange (MC Logo)
  • Yellow (MC Logo)

Tools Used:

  • Cutting Mat, Blade, Paper Cutter, Scissors
  • Cricut Machine + Blade & Tools
  • MacBook Pro
  • Cricut Design Space
  • Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator

2021 12 23 🇨🇦 Toronto, ON | STACK Design Studio


The first prototype was definitely a good learning experience. I was ambitious with what I wanted to create, but I know execution is everything. Precision was going to be key in making this card look legit. I used the Sesame card as my reference. I had been thinking about this project for a while, so I had blue sparkle vinyls ready to go. I also had the other colours I needed to create the other various elements that make up the card.


  • My Blue Sparkle vinyl sheet was 12" x 24", I cut it into two 12 x 12 sheets
  • I decided on the max height of the card to be 11 in.
  • Using Illustrator + Cricut Design Space, I prepared all the card assets as .SVG files ensuring that they all cut out at the right proportions
  • I used my 12 x 12 Cricut mat and cut out the card background first
  • The other assets I cut include the Mastercard logo (3 colours, 2 shapes), Chip (2 colours, 2 shapes), Logo (1 colour), Symbol (1 colour)
  • Lastly, you need foam board big enough to lay on the card background vinyl


  • I wanted the card to have coloured sides like the real card does, but my foam board was black, so I decided to wrap the foam in some gold foil paper to see what kind of effect it gives it. It looked pretty cool, but it was too messy. I knew it would be challenging to pull this off in a cleaner way.
  • One of the other challenges with Vinyls is when you layer them, you can see the ridges.
  • A mistake I made laying the card vinyl was not using Transfer Tape the first time around. I peeled it off directly and tried to roll it on. it ended up with SO MANY ugly imperfections. It discouraged me from continuing quite a bit.
  • When I cut the foam board, I cut 4 straight lines and tried to trim the corners after - this was also a mistake.


  • After finishing the first prototype, I was not happy. The card background not laying flat bothered me. The other vinyls were easy to apply but that background just made it look so bad.
  • I created a second prototype. The biggest mistakes I made in the first one was wrapping the foam board in foil, and not using transfer tape to lay out the card background vinyl. So in the second prototype, I made some adjustments. I also tried making it smaller, but realized that was unnecessary.
  • Instead of trying to get that effect of the sides being coloured with the foil, I scrapped it totally.
  • I used transfer tape for the card background vinyl this time and applied it directly to the foam board and rolled it flat. Came out perfectly.
  • In order to retain the rounded corners, I knew I would have to cut out the corners first, before doing a straight cut along the sides. As long as I took my time and was careful, I ended up with a nicely shaped piece of Foam board with the Vinyl applied perfectly.

Mass production

  • Now that my approach was solid and I had the technique down, I could prepare assets for multiple versions at the same time.
  • I chose four card designs to focus on and started prepping the materials .



  • Black Brushed Metallic Vinyl for Card Background
  • Holographic Vinyl for Chip Fill
  • Black Brushed Metallic Vinyl for Chip Outline
  • Glow-in-the-dark Vinly for Contactless Symbol
  • Black Vinyl for Logo
  • Black Vinyl for Card Info
  • Red, Orange, Yellow Vinyl for Mastercard Logo



  • Black Brushed Metallic Vinyl for Card Background
  • Holographic Vinyl for Chip Fill
  • Black Brushed Metallic Vinyl for Chip Outline
  • Silver Brushed Metallic Vinyl for Logo
  • Red, Orange, Yellow Vinyl for Mastercard Logo



  • Red Shimmer Metallic Vinyl for Card Background
  • Holographic Vinyl for Chip Fill
  • Black Brushed Metallic Vinyl for Chip Outline
  • Holographic Vinyl for Logo
  • Holographic Vinly for Mastercard Logo Fill
  • Silver Brushed Metallic Vinyl Mastercard Logo Outline



  • Blue Shimmer Metallic Vinyl for Card Background
  • Holographic Vinyl for Chip Fill
  • Black Brushed Metallic Vinyl for Chip Outline
  • White Vinyl for Contactless Debit Symbol
  • White Vinyl for Logo
  • Red, Orange, Yellow Vinly for Mastercard Logo

The Final product

  • Each card has unique materials that set it apart from each other, but they all follow the same template. There is a consistency to them in build quality and materials.
  • Overall, I think they turned out dope! 🔥😎